Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's been too long. I have been getting very poor sleep dealing with blood sugar problems with my little girl, and so feel so behind in everything. But I have a few minutes to post a few deals.

First: Cooking, I roasted one of my freebie turkeys and had a lovely turkey dinner with the works last Sunday. Then on Monday I did a major cooking and made 2 pot pies, 2 large batches turkey noodle soup, 2 turkey creamy pasta casseroles, and a hot turkey sandwich dinner and cold turkey salad sandwiches (just salad for me)... So I took one turkey out of the dinner and refilled the freezer with quick meals.

Second: Safeway has a great deal on Dole juice this week. $1.25 each AND if you buy 6 you get 40 airmiles.
I also managed to collect 75 cent off coupons for dole juice (I am part of 3 coupon trains). So I bought 12 juice for $6.00 and got 80 airmiles! Even the cashier was impressed.

Yes, I collect airmiles. Through the airmile program, I was able to send my kids to many national and US regattas free of charge... (and buy my son skull candy headphones for Christmas shhhhh.....) so I am always on the look out for airmile deals. I don't spend just to collect but I am amazed at what deals are out there when you look.

Winnings: I won 2 Loverboy tickets for last Friday- I also had a $25 visa GC win from the Just Peeking contest- which covered a few drinks (their virgin ceasars are wonderful).... So DH and I had another hot date for free! Two in one month!

Splurge: I went to a local quilt shop which was advertising 50% to 75% off. I bought my son a down feather mattress cover for $42! It turned his lousy junky mattress in to a bed we all dream about! And I also bought 5 lovely new pillows for $28.

My daughter flies to New Zealand next week- She was one of 4 St. John Ambulance cadets selected to represent Canada at an international youth conference. It is a free two week trip. And will be an amazing experience for her. But I was so pleased with her resourcefulness. She phoned her MP, MLA, and Aldermen and received many provincial, Canadian, and municipal souvenirs (pins, flags, Olympic stickers, tattoos, bracelets etc), to give to the new international friends she will meet.
A chip off of the old block.

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