Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! SDM, coupon dels, free turkeys and more...a

Well it is 2010 and yes I made resolutions.
They are as follows.

To trim and save money so that we can put money into the children's educaion savings accounts and into retirement savings account, and to work towords elliminating all debt incl. our remaining mortage.

And to loseweight (20lbs)! Which is a huge deal in this home. I have three athletes in this house who need LOTS of carbs, and one child with Type 1 diabetes that needs to count carbs. All my children are fit and thin and so is my husband and me....? Well I love to cook.
So I need to find a diet that allows to meet all my families nutritional needs, that is inexpensive and doesn't require me to cook 3 different meals!

So there are my resolutions. It is official they are now in print.

Now onto the deals.
London drugs allows you to stack coupons. that means as long as they are different coupons for the same product you can use them together! For instance I had 2 different $5 coupons for Glades new Sense and spray kit. I used it on a $8.99 kit and received it free, yesterday!
In fact I used 36.46 cents in coupons yesterday and got-
3 cans Bush's Baked beans
4 glade refills
1 glade sense and spray
5 grain Special K cereal
And a smuckers marmalade

And all I paid Out of Pocket (OOP) was 6.13 cents!

This Sunday I will be roasting another Turkey. It is one of two turkeys I received for free using save-on-points. I don't shop much at save-on- foods, but over a year I usually accumulate enough points from the little I buy and the recycling I bring there to get fee turkeys or hams. A real good deal for the amount of points it requires.

Tomorrow, is a date night with Hubby, and it will be free. I won two tickets to see the VSO perform Beethovens 5th and before that we will be going to the keg using a $50 GC I won in another contest....hehe. An amazing evening, I can't wait.

And don't forget tomorrow is 20 times the SDM points at SDM!! Min. purchase is $50 but with all the grocery deals this week it will be easy to make the minimum.
Tuna 59 cents
eggs 1.99
Dempsters 2.49
Bacon 2.99
etc etc..

Meals today were-
Brunch- Omelets (cheese, peppers, mushrooms), HM hashbrowns, toast and sparkly OJ.
(I had an omelet)
Dinner- Chicken fajitas, tortillas and brown rice. Pumpkin and/or Banana bread for dessert.
( I had one fajita, no rice)
Snacks- Smoothies including ripe bananas and tofu, etc..

Making a big pot of sweet potato stew for tomorrow's kids dinner.

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