Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last of the pumpkins...

My 12 year old grew a garden this year and produced, lots of cherry tomatoes, zukes, lettuce, beets and PUMPKINS! She grew 6 and was very proud of them and two were still decorating our hallway. So now they are in my oven baking and will be turned into pumpkin loaves. I make them with chocolate chips and walnuts, 6 at a time! Batch baking saves energy, time and clean-up. Three will be for immediate use and 3 for the freezer.

Lunch is black bean soup and dinner will be Fajitas with spanish rice and corn on the side.

Today will be a no spend day.
I have been running around turning off lights all morning, and keep giving my "green" lecture to the kids. It will sink in some day...

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